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About Acorn Glade (a brief history):

In fact, in the early 1800's the Acorn Glade land was known as Grange Plantation being a Brick & Tile Yard, extracting clay to make locally sourced bricks over a 65 year period. These bricks were used to construct many of the bridges of the Melbourne section of the Pocklington Canal.

The lake at Acorn Glade is a result of water from an underground spring filling the largest of the old clay pits. Thereafter, we believe the Acorn Glade grounds and lake were possibly used as a recreational location around 1886 with a iron girder bridge across the lake to the island (as part of the bridge supports have been uncovered at the far end of the lake).

Pocklington Canal
Acorn Glade Bridge

The village of Melbourne was recorded in the 1066 Domesday Book. The Acorn Glade site has been around for many years.

Richard and Julie moved to Melbourne in late 2013 and immediately set to work creating an idyllic off-grid glamping site. In mid 2014 the Acorn Glade brand was born. It started off with Bluebell Log Cabin, plus Poppy & Daisy Yurt.

In 2015 Acorn Glade was awarded the status of local wildlife site (LWS) by East Ridings of Yorkshire Council recognising the ecological importance and nature conservation. In late 2015 Rose Gypsy Wagon was purchased. Then it took 4 months over the winter to totally renovate her. Rose was added to the glamping portfolio in Spring 2016.

Acorn Glade pre-Yurts

What to Pack:

We recommend that you bring suitable footwear and plenty of warm and wet weather clothing, wellies are usually a good choice as the site retains a natural feel and can get muddy during wetter weather. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee dry conditions or high temperatures in Yorkshire! Other items to remember are torches, perishables and non-perishable food for meals, tea/coffee, milk and bread, cereals, fishing equipment, bicycles & locks, tea-towels, towel, personal toiletries, good book & most importantly, a sense of adventure!

Guest Arrival Information:

Arrival time is anytime after 4pm on Fridays or Mondays. Upon arrival at the Acorn Glade site, drive down the gravel driveway for approx. 20 metres and turn left into the car-park outside "The Chicken Shed" (our kitchen and washroom facility).

On arrival to the main wooden building, please press the visitor bell (marked 'Arrivals') which is outside the kitchen area and a member of our team will be along shortly to welcome you to your accommodation.


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