Off-Grid Living:

At Acorn Glade, the ethos is based on 'eco' or 'green-living'. As we believe strongly in conservation, your holiday experience is driven by renewable energy, from solar panels for electricity to air-source hot water. Additional lighting is powered by romantic solar fairy lights in all units. The log cabin Yurts and Gypsy Wagon have solar lighting and USB mobile phone charging points. To conserve water, all toilet sinks and showers are fitted with push-down taps and the Log Cabin has an eco-friendly composting toilet. There is also a woodland replanting scheme in operation with any trees which have been taken down for health & safety reasons replaced with new ones. Contact us directly if you require mobility assistance on-site.

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Wildlife & Rurality:

The open still water and woodland area of Acorn Glade is a designated Local Wildlife Site. Within this wildlife haven you may see migrating birds, wild fowl, dragonflies and damselflies, as well as fish and amphibians.

For those wishing to wile the time away, there is an abundance of fish within a small unspoiled still-water course fishing lake (day fishing pass available upon request, however, you will require an official rod licence, available from your local Post Office).

For avid bird watchers, there is a dedicated bird watching hide nestled in the woodland area and a variety of bird nesting boxes located around the site.